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STEN MK 5 Barrel, 7.75" long, 9X19 Luger, in the white, made to original 'sealed" MK 5 print, *NEW*. Sold Individually. These barrels are *NEW* US manufactured, made to the 1944 dated original prints.

WW2 Mk5 Sten Gun With Inert Rounds, Spare Magazine and Bayonet (Deactivated) Second World War British Mark V Sten Sympathetically Deactivated Introduced in 1944, the Mk V was a better-quality, more elaborate version of the Mk II. Changes included a wooden pistol grip, a wooden stock, and a bayonet mount.
Barrel Length: 175mm. Weight: 3170g. System: Open Bolt Gas Blowback, Semi/ Full Auto, TM Spec Hop-Up. Muzzle Velocity: 370-390 FPS (0.2g BBs and Green Gas) Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual. 1. Mk.5 cocking handle provides breach block safety. When the breech block is at the foward position, the cocking handle can be slotted into a notch ...
    1. The DIY STEN Gun is a simplified 1:1 copy of the British STEN MKIII submachine gun. The ... It's dummy barrel consists of a hardened steel spike welded and pinned in place at the chamber end and a separate solid front portion protruding from the barrel shroud for display. It's bolt is also inert with no firing pin.
    2. STEN MK2 9MM SMG BARREL - CHOICE OF STANDARD OR THREADED. STEN MK2 9mm New Production US manufactured high quality STEN SMG barrels. Available in traditional non-threaded muzzle or professionally CNC threaded 1/2-28 TPI on centers for easy screw-on suppressor or muzzle accessory mounting.
    3. Museum Quality Hispano-Suiza HS 404 MKII 20mm Cannon Barrel I Hispano-Suiza HS 404 MKII 20mm Cannon Barrel In Transit Box. 20mm Cannon £ 665 Deactivated Sten Mk5 Machine Guns
    4. STEN MK 5 display barrel, 7.75", 9X19, painted, sold *As Is* with No returns. Sold Individually. This barrel has been plug welded, and is for display purposes only. Will be sold *As Is*, and returns will Not be accepted. NOTE: Prior to installing this length of barrel into a rifle a NFA Form 1 must be completed and returned approved.
    5. Has anyone Converted any Sten's to .45ACP? I seem to remeber about 20+ years ago reading an article in Fire Power Magazine of a guy doing a one off conversion of a Sten Mark II to .45ACP using a Grease Gun magazine. New Barrel in .45ACP Grease Gun .45ACP Mag Fabricate a New Mag Housing for Grease Gun Mag Open Face of Sten Bolt for .45ACP Case They also had to move Extractor out for the fatter ...
    6. If you want a Sten kit, get the Mk II with the barrel that can be changed out. Very nice feature. Unfortunately, the Mk II kits also cost about two or threee times as much as the common Mk III kit. The SHOTGUN NEWS did a series of articles about how to build a semi-auto STEN. Not especially easy or simple, but doable.
    7. The STEN Mk.5 is a better-quality, more elaborate version of the Mk 2, introduced in 1944. The upgrade includes wooden pistol grip, fore grip, wooden stock and a Lee Enfield No. 4 front sight. Which makes the gun more easily controlled and solid.They are issued to the elite red devil, paratroopers, in Operation Tonga(P
    8. Showing the details of a built sten semi MkIII
    9. Third semi Sten I have built, and probably my favorite. Second gun ever I have parkerized. This was built from a British MKV kit from Apex Gun Parts with Indianapolis Ordinance semi auto parts. Though I originally built this as a pistol, it does much better as a rifle. The heavy wood buttstock balances the 16" barrel very nicely.
    AGM wanted you to be able to use this rifle right away, so they took the liberty of including a battery and charger in with every package. Relive the fight one last time and run onto the battlefield with the new AGM WWII British Sten MKII by your side. Features: Color: Black. 350 FPS (0.20g BB) Magazine: 50rd. Weight: 6.8lbs. Inner Barrel: 225mm.
The sten pricing seems to be all over the place Ruben and other dealers asking $7-8K but auction houses selling them for $6k. IDK need to just watch for a deal. It will be most likely next year before I can make my purchase. View Quote.

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Description. Very Rare OLD SPEC Mint Condition WW2 British Sten Mk5 SMG – SN 863 – UK DEAC. this product is in immaculate condition with removable magazine and a crisp dry firing action, this item is capable of being field stripped

Replacement barrel for the British Sten MK V (5) sub-machine gun. Locating key for front sight alignment and bayonet lug are present. Overall length: 7-3/4″ (7.75) Caliber: 9mm. SKU: sten_mk5_barrel Categories: Barrels, Sten Tag: Sten MK V. Description.

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